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Thomas Böcker / Merregnon Studios

Thomas BöckerThomas Böcker has been employed in the computer game industry since 1999. Being the manager of Merregnon Studios, he is Music Director / -Producer and -Consultant for the audio sector of titles such as Cold Zero - The Last Stand (JoWooD Productions), Knights of the Temple (TDK mediactive), Chicago 1930 - Prohibition (Wanadoo) or Stalker - Oblivion Lost (THQ).

Thomas Böcker is the head of the first Symphonic Game Music Concert of the world outside Japan, where the greatest hits from recent years were performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, like Final Fantasy (Square - Enix), Medal of Honor (Electronic Arts), Shenmue (Sega) or Harry Potter (Electronic Arts).

As Executive Producer of the highly acclaimed Merregnon Trilogy-project Thomas Boecker is working with the finest composers from the entertainment industry. He also took the position of the Session Manager for the "Merregnon 2" - live orchestra recordings, including children and adult choir.

Deciding on a live orchestra performance is an important step. It requires a huge amount of work and, therefore, needs perfect organization. To realize such an undertaking requires the skills of many people including contractors, conductors, orchestrators, producers, engineers and, of course the actual players.

So why take chances on such an important event that requires a significant financial commitment?

From my work on "Merregnon 2" and the first "Symphonic Game Music Concert" (held as the official opening ceremony of the GC - Games Convention) in Europe, I know that an experienced team is vital. The excellence of an orchestra and the people connected to it are critical. Petr Pycha and his FILMharmonic Orchestra demonstrate such excellence. Petr knows what video game music means. His ensemble is focused on the needs of this interactive medium. He has contracted for such blockbuster game music recordings as "Splinter Cell", "EverQuest 2" and the aforementioned historic sold-out Game music concert as well, he works with game music industry leaders such as Adam Klemens and Andy Brick.

Without a doubt, a live orchestral performance will yield the richest human emotions and feelings in your orchestral music and the FILMharmonic Orchestra will most certainly exceed your expectations and bring your music to LIFE.

Thomas Böcker, Executive Producer

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