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Mario Klemens

Mario KlemensMario Klemens has written a history of the film music in former Czechoslovakia and currently in the Czech Republic for more than 25 years. He has been credited at hundreds of films conducting Film Symphonic Orchestra, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Slovak State Philharmonic and being a guest conductor of many symphonic bodies and festivals in Poland, Hungary, Bulgary, France, Cuba an others.

He graduated from the Prague Conservatory with Prof. Vaclav Smetacek in 1959 and completed his study at Music Academy in Prague with Miloslav Kabelac. His talent has been soon recognized (Conductors Competition in France - 1st Prize - 1966) and is revered and sought-after as an interpret of 20th century, he performed more than one hundred contemporary compositions, most of them he also premiered.

He has made more than 150 film music recordings co-operating with many Czech and foreign recording companies (for which he records with orchestras including Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and Warsaw National Philharmonic - Poland). Mario Klemens' repertoire includes many oratorio and cantata compositions of both Czech and world music literature. Thanks to the many years' engagements with different orchestras he is a conductor with a large experience in wide range of musical genres.

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